First, I hope things are going OK for all of you. I understand that this week, rich with readings, discussions, insights and learnings generally, has been very busy! Trust me, I am there with you in feeling a little 'full'. I try to take pause and decompress whenever I can.

To help us all relax a bit, there are 3, hopefully shorter activities for this session. Reflection is a key part of them.

If it's helpful, I've made this storyboard that you can copy - it's based on Google Jamboard:

  • Reflect on what you've made. Pause. Make any adjustments.
  • Consider your formative/ongoing and summative/final assessments. What do these look like and/or consist of? How many hours do they take? So it may be a 3 hour exam, or a 2500 word paper, but how much time will students need to spend creating these?
  • Reflect on what you've developed, and continue creating.

Final thoughts...

Feel free to ask questions, pose concerns and worries and other thoughts over on Discourse:

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Summing up

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