The medium is the message as we have all heard many times before...

The medium is not the tech, not the tools, not the is the human element - the teaching presence that makes all the difference!

What does a CQ instructor look like? Here are some basic pronciples, what would you add to the list...?

Culturally responsive teachers should be:

(a) socio-culturally conscious,

(b) display an attitude that is diversity-affirming,

(c) see themselves as change agents,

(d) understand how students construct knowledge and how to promote it,

(e) strive to learn about their students’ lives,

(f) use this knowledge to build on what students already know while expanding their horizons (Villegas & Lucas, 2002).

(g) coping with ambiguity— understanding ambiguous situations and making sense of new experiences


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What does a CQ class look like?

Posted by Darryl Meekins

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