Dear all,

Many thanks for your thoughtful participation throughout the week. Attending Digital Pedagogy Lab, either in person or online, is an intense experience. It can take some time to unpack what we have learned.

On that note, we wanted to collate all of our resources into one post so that you can follow up on anything you might have missed. We will continue to monitor Discourse, and we are both available on email and Twitter, so please do feel free to reach out to us to continue the conversation.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, both in the live sessions and in the asynchronous discussions. It’s hard to know where sessions like ours at Digital Pedagogy Lab might meander, but it is always a rewarding and enlightening experience.

In the early hours of this morning, a major architect of the Irish peace process, John Hume, sadly passed away. Hume was a teacher, a civil rights leader, and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. In reflecting on his life, we are reminded of the importance of advocacy, equity, and systemic change in our work.

We have been fortunate to work together this week, with Clare in the north and Kate in the south, and with all of you.

With every best wish,
Clare and Kate

Session 1:

From session one chat: one participant has a peer care partner, we check on each other at a set time every other day. Other care routines: getting outside each day, being present in the good moment, exercise (where and how you can), playing board games, art journaling, walking the dog, meditation, gardening.

Clare & Kate artefact of session one discussions:

Resources in one place:

Background/Origin of workshop:

Critiquing Discourses of Resilience in Education

Resilience, Grit, and Other Lies

Against the psychologization of resilience: towards an onto-political theorization of the concept and its implications for higher education

The wellbeing and resilience paradox

From participants:

Education, an act of faith in autonomy and reason (1910)

Teaching photojournalism in the spring of 2020 and the need for trauma-informed teaching

Photography student sends message about missing and murdered Indigenous women using Canadian flag


How to be together in learning online: Jesse Stommel talks about how to be together in learning online on episode 320 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

Pedagogy of Care — Gone Massive

Pedagogy of Care: Covid-19 Edition

Creating artefacts - ideas and samples

Visual Thinkery tools - here is an example that Kate created

Zine - - noticed others in #digped timeline using zines eg

3D model: LEGO, sweets, toys, whatever is sitting on your desk (example from an online workshop)

Sewing: see FemEdTech Quilt

Gifs: see Kate’s Manifesto (Simpsons) and Clare’s PressEdConf talk (Parks n Recreation)

DS106 assignment bank and DS106 Daily Create