Hello friends,

It's Friday--what a week this has been here at DPL. It has been such a delight to get to talk and learn with all of you. A few things by way of wrapping up:

1) Our manifesto! Still drafty, but coming along. If you haven't been in the document in a bit, you'll see there's some manifesto-style text taking shape at the top, and examples of caring syllabus policy language at the bottom. Please contribute! I would love this to go into shareable form, if people are game. We can share this out to the wider DPL over the weekend, or even early next week, if we like (it can get tweeted at @DigPedLab, for instance). I will keep an eye on this document in the next few days--now's the time to start making commits to what this could look like.

2) We had a lovely synchronous chat yesterday, with some great conversation about how to hack the access statement into something that gives full welcome to all of our students and to ourselves. You can see and contribute to our notes here; I also recommend Zoe Wool's "Check Your Syllabus 101: Disability Access Statements" for some insights. Lorelei posted a great collective access survey in our Discourse thread on Tuesday, too--worth a look, if you missed it in all the chaos of mid-week.

3) Resources! I'm adding material to a Google Doc with links to our course readings and other texts I think would be helpful. Please also make your own additions--my hope is that this can be a living space of resources to take with us on the road into the fall: https://bit.ly/3hQ5kSM.

4) Staying in touch! I would love to keep in contact with any and all of you. You can find me by email at jaudon [AT] hendrix [DOT] edu, or on Twitter at @twjaudon.

With gratitude--Toni