When we began on Sunday this week, Friday may have seemed far away. For those who had trouble accessing Discourse, or those who looked down the long avenue of readings, activities, and discussions their instructors had planned, even Monday may have seemed far away from Sunday.

But here we are. The end of the week. Tired. Inspired. Overwhelmed. Joyful. And, hopefully, satisfied. For me, the Friday of Digital Pedagogy Lab always feels like the end of a really good meal. I've probably eaten too much, but I find comfort and reassurance in my full belly.

The coming weekend is a time for getting caught up, finishing final projects, bookmarking ideas and posts and readings you don't want to forget, and making sure you’ve connected with people with whom you want to stay in touch. There's not a lot of programming, if any, for Saturday and Sunday; but, with all of us being asynchronous, saying "good-bye" should be a long, gentle process. (It's also a great time to fill out the feedback survey! More information about that waits at the bottom of the page.)

Many of you have asked, and I'm happy to say that the Ghost classroom sites and Discourse discussion forums will remain available indefinitely.

Thank you all for making Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020 a tremendous success. This has been a remarkable week.

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021

The next Digital Pedagogy Lab event will take place 2-6 August 2021 on the CU Denver campus in downtown Denver, Colorado! Registration will open later this Fall, and the full lineup of teachers, fellows, keynotes, courses, and workshops will be announced soon. While we are planning (hoping) to host the event on-ground, we are also planning a concurrent online event which will be available to those who cannot or do not wish to travel to Denver. Stay tuned by following @DigPedLab, @slamteacher, and @Jessifer on Twitter.


Closing Panel

Each year, Digital Pedagogy Lab ends the week with a closing panel, usually made up of an instructor, a couple of our DPL Fellows, and a participant for two. This year, I asked a combination of our Fellows and scholarship recipients to contribute a short blog post on the theme of "Moving Pedagogies of Care Online." Today, you can find those posts in the Auditorium. You can also join in a discussion of those posts, and the idea of pedagogies of care.

Workshops going on today:

Most of our workshops are finishing up. But there are those who will play us out as we head toward the weekend.

  • Building Stories of Care against a Discourse of Resilience (live session 12:00 EDT)
  • Intersections, Collaborations, and Commitments: Bringing DPL Home
  • The Imitation Game

And don't forget...

In partnership with Teaching in Higher Ed, Digital Pedagogy Lab wants to hear your voice! Visit the podcast's Speakpipe site and record 1-3 short voice messages reflecting on the following questions:

  • “What’s making you hopeful in your teaching?”
  • “What’s a concern/challenge/fear you’re experiencing in your teaching?”
  • “What advice do you have for others desperately trying to navigate the impact of COVID in their teaching?”

After DPL 2020 closes, Bonni will work up a podcast featuring your reflections.

Feedback Survey

Every year, Digital Pedagogy Lab grows and changes based on the feedback we receive from participants. As the director of this event, I take your feedback very much to heart and use it to build a more welcoming, productive, creative, and inspiring Lab for you to enjoy. This year has been a doozy of invention and guesswork as I took the Lab online for the first time ever. And, as I plan to include an online side to the Lab ongoingly, your feedback is that much more vital this year.

So, if you will, please find few moments, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, put up your feet, and fill in this feedback survey with your sincerest thoughts and ideas.

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Saturday and Sunday: Weekend Announcements

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