“That means that teachers must be actively committed to a process of self-actualization that promotes their own well-being if they are to teach in a manner that empowers students.”
Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks, page 15

Thank you for a lively first session this morning. As promised all slides with links to resources for everyone are now linked here and the separate threads have been created in Discourse for the activities and the main artefact.

To summarise there are two activities and the artefact:

  • Complete your mapping wellbeing and resilience or a critique of this tool - this is a super light touch version of a complex tool so it is just about putting a tick in the box, thinking of the scale of good to bad or high to low (linked in slides)
  • Critique the paper that was attached in today’s earlier email (and linked in slides)
  • Artefact – Your Story of Care – This is by you for you. It is your chance to take time aside in the week to focus solely on looking after yourself, creating something – maybe even a chance to get away from the screen. Please share your thoughts about the journey but do not feel that you need to share your finished artefact at the end.

Most of you chose to meet up again in a live session on Friday to pull all our discussions to together so we will confirm the exact time and hopefully we can use the same Zoom room so not to need another link (but again we will confirm).

It was really wonderful to meet so many of you today and hear all your frustrations and gripes, alongside a dose of darker humour. Don’t forget to make good use of our non-icebreaker for an outlet for that frustration for Icelanders to hear: https://lookslikeyouneediceland.com/

See you in Discourse over the next couple of days and get in touch with any queries
Best wishes
Clare and Kate

PS if anyone has any specific need for any part of the chat, it wouldn’t let me copy and paste so I had to take quite a few screenshots so just let me know and I can email on the ones you need

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Interview with Jesse and Twitter Chat from 1:30pm EDT

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