For me, it's Monday evening as I write Tuesday morning's announcements. This is something fascinating about this year's Digital Pedagogy Lab event: that what is evening for me, what is the end of the day, is the fresh morning start of a new day for someone else. Right now, my mind and body are tired, but I know with sleep I'll return to my screen in the morning refreshed... Just as another Lab participant looks forward to bedtime.

It is impossible to deny the embodied-ness of our digital encounters. I remember at Digital Pedagogy Lab Vancouver, in 2017, when Sherri Spelic stood at the front of the ballroom where we all started our day and urged everyone to stand up, to move around, to laugh, shake our hands and legs—in short, to remember our bodies were as much instruments in our learning as our minds. Then, the Lab was on-ground, in hallways and classrooms, with walks across parking lots and lunches in the sun. This year, we are at our desks; and I think it's exactly as important to remember our bodies.

So, as you get your day going (or as you are ending your day), stand if you are able, move, laugh, shake, tap your toes, wiggle your fingers, laugh some more.

Special Announcements!

I've got good news! We're adding three very special opportunities to our week's schedule (already full of special opportunities):

Teaching in Higher Ed Live

Join Bonni Stachowiak, the tour-de-force creator of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, and Jesse Stommel for a special live broadcast of the latest podcast (featuring Jesse). The broadcast will take place at 1:30 EDT tomorrow (Wednesday 29 July). (link forthcoming)

And: in partnership with Teaching in Higher Ed, Digital Pedagogy Lab wants to hear your voice! Visit the podcast's Speakpipe site and record 1-3 short voice messages reflecting on the following questions:

  • “What’s making you hopeful in your teaching?”
  • “What’s a concern/challenge/fear you’re experiencing in your teaching?”
  • “What advice do you have for others desperately trying to navigate the impact of COVID in their teaching?”

After DPL 2020 closes, Bonni will work up a podcast featuring your reflections.

Audrey Watters Fireside Chat

DPL Keynote and extraordinary education writer Audrey Watters is inviting you to join her for an informal conversation at 7:00pm EDT (UTC -4). This will be a wonderful chance to sit around with (in my opinion) one of education's sharpest, critical minds and chew the fat. Register here to join.

Enjoy your day today!

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