Welcome to the 6th annual Digital Pedagogy Lab event, and the first ever to be held online! I’m Sean Michael Morris, the Lab’s director, and I’m very excited you’re here. This year is DPL’s biggest year, as we’re welcoming over 500 participants from across 20 time zones. Countries represented in our gathering this week include Australia, Canada, Egypt, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States, among others. And you all are coming from every corner of education: teachers and faculty, administrators, staff, librarians, instructional and learning designers, technologists, journalists, and more.

Bringing this event online has been a unique challenge, and our approach to that challenge has been intent on providing you ample opportunities to learn, collaborate, contribute, and network. Because the Lab has always been more than experts giving presentations to an audience, and because our gathering is tuning in from all over the world, we knew that we couldn’t rely on live or pre-recorded webinars or lectures. We knew that building this year’s Lab meant creating the richest asynchronous experiences possible. So, even though you will be participating from your home or office, the Lab runs on your time.

What I mean by this is: your home, your office, your desk is where the Lab is located. It is located likewise all over the world in other homes, offices, desks (and let’s be honest, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms). People will be taking the Lab with them when they go for a walk or a run, they’ll be tuning in first thing in the morning and right before bedtime. The Lab is where you are, and when.

So, how does that tuning in work? There are a number of digital spaces you’ll occupy. First and foremost, this web site, the sites for each of your courses, and discussion forums. Some of you will also build digital community on the web using Hypothesis, or social media like Instagram and Twitter, or in Google Docs. Each course instructor has plans for helping you stay engaged, and giving you lots of opportunities for collaboration with others.

This is the Auditorium, our gathering space for the duration of the week. Each morning, plan to check in here first, before you head to your course or workshop. I will post daily announcements about what’s going on, what to look for, and to (hopefully) give you a lift as you start your day. From there, you can join in whatever might be happening in your course (directions to your classroom are found under Courses, above). Also, some workshops will run throughout the week, so if you’ve signed up for one of those, you can jump in right from the Auditorium.

The Auditorium is where you’ll find keynotes, special presentations, and the contributions that make up our final panel at the end of the week. If you have questions about what is happening when, you can take a look at the schedule (below, and under Schedule, above).

Before you head off for your week, please know that we are all here—in our various places around the world—ready to support you. If you have any questions at all, reach out to me at sean@digitalpedagogylab.com or on Twitter at @slamteacher. I am being assisted this week by Stefanie Chae, DPL’s event manager, and Jesse Stommel, the associate director.

Thank you for joining us for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020! We’re all in for a treat this week.

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Morning Announcements: Sunday

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