Now that the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab is complete, I want to thank all of the Social Media Pedagogy workshop participants and Sean Michael Morris for creating such dynamic conference.

The Social Media Pedagogy workshop was divided into 22 minute modules that were completed by participants over the course of 7 days. Here is the work that we completed during the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab:

Social Media Pedagogies Deliverables

Instructor Deliverables

  • Social Media Plan Template
  • Topic Video Script Template
  • Disabled Student Content Creation Infographic
  • Ethnically Diverse Content Creation Infographic
  • LGBTQ Content Creation Infographic
  • Social Media Pedagogy At A Glance By Platform Infographic
  • 35 original and literature based pedagogical ideas.

Learner Deliverables

  • Social media plan
  • Inherent Bias Journal
  • Topic Video Script
  • Topic Video
  • Video Assignment
  • Engagement Post
  • Community or Audience Building Exercises

If you are interested in taking this professional development workshop independently, you can enroll here.

If you would like to bring this workshop to your institution, please email Dr. Kenya Mitchell at

Thanks again and see you next year!
Dr. Kenya Mitchell