Greetings colleagues and welcome to "Intersections, Collaborations and Commitments." As noted, this workshop is an opportunity for you to discuss, imagine, and plan for the many ways in which you might bring DPL back to your respective campuses and networks.

This workshop begins on Wednesday, July 29th. If you're reading this post prior to the 29th, please immerse yourself in DPL's many course and workshop activities throughout Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and then return here mid-week to engage in a series of reflective conversations.

Whether you're participating in DPL for the first time or have regularly engaged with this conference and community over many years, you're very welcome to contribute your thoughts, questions, and ideas to what will be an open-ended, informal, and reflective workshop intended to inform your next steps.

It may be helpful to think of this workshop's conversations as similar to those that would occur in a faculty lounge or break room, at a happy hour, or during those moments between scheduled sessions at a conference when walking down a hallway and casually chatting with a colleague. This workshop is a liminal space, tethered to but also separate from the main event, characterized more by informal wonderings than the presentation of new content.

Starting on Wednesday the 29th you'll be invited to engage with a series of questions broadly concerned with:

  • How your DPL experience intersects with--or productively diverges from--your professional roles and responsibilities
  • How your DPL experience can seed new collaborations with other colleagues and networks on your campus or in a local context
  • How your DPL experience has inspired new commitments to creative and critical digital pedagogy, and how you anticipate these commitments being enacted through your practices

Our shared activities will occur through a mix of blog posts and Discourse forums, with all activity occurring asynchronously through Saturday, August 1st.

Enjoy the first few days of DPL.

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Getting Started with "Intersections, Collaborations & Commitments"

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