Before you delve into Activity 1, please ensure that you read through the Welcome as that first post lays a lot of the framework for our run of the ABC Learning Design Workshop.

I am breaking down what we'll doing in two ways: 1) I'll put a brief overview at the top of each post and 2) I'll delve further step-by-step. You're welcome to proceed in the way that best suits you. I have kept all videos very brief so that we stay focused.

What we'll do:

  1. Tell us the name of your course, and share a tweet-size description of the course.
  2. Map out a general overview of the activities the course will have. Think of the hours students will spend on each learning type.
  3. Create a spidergraph that reflects the proportion for each learning type accordingly for reflection later.
  4. Share what you come up with with the group in the forum. Please go here for more details.

Activity 1 - Step 1: Mapping out a course

This first activity is to get to you briefly tell us about a course that you have in mind by getting you to summarize it in a tweet-sized description while mapping out the activities learners do.

For ease, perhaps choose a course that you either teach now and want/have to modify or transform. Alternatively, you can think of a course you want to develop from scratch.

Tell us a bit about a course you have in mind

A refresher: the 6 learning type cards

Prior to delving into this first activity make sure that you get to know the 6 different learning activity types. I've included these below as a reminder.

Activity 1 - Step 2: Reflection & questions to consider

After you've named your course and described it in a short tweet-sized sentence or two, you should have mapped out an overview of current activities that make up the course against the 6 learning types above. A rough example might look like what is below.

Remember: your example could look however you've designed it according to the needs of your students and course.

An example of how a course looks with learning activities mapped out prior to any changes.

Take a moment to reflect on your course and the learning types that your students do in your current sketch of your course. Consider:

  • how much passive learning are students doing? how about active learning?
  • how much does dialogic and/or discursive learning form part of the learning process?
  • what role does teamwork/group work play in the learning process?
  • to what extent do learners practice what they learn to create meaningful artefacts that represent their learning?
  • how many assessments are there? how heavily are these weighted? are there any creative assessments?
An example of how a course might look prior to a redesign/retweak

Activity 1 - Step 3: Sharing what you've created

After you've had some time to work through the steps above, please share what you come up with with the group in the forum. Please go here for more details.

Thoughts to consider:

  • In a face-to-face workshop, the ABC Learning Design workshop would be very quickly paced within 1.5-2 hours. We have more time to consider critically a course you have in mind as we have a few days for this workshop!
  • In person, we'd share around a table through discussion and show-and-tell.
  • In your sharing post, you're welcome to post a link to a video of you briefly presenting your ideas and/or posting text with a screenshot, or, how ever you are comfortable with that gets your ideas across clearly and succinctly.
  • Take a moment to look at what others are posting. Feel free to ask questions and/or clarifications.

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Activity 2: Storyboarding in detail

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