Overview to Activity 2

Overview of what to do

For Activity 2, the main task is to create a storyboard of your new and/or revised/refreshed/modified course while considering a balanced mix of activities that suit what you are teaching.

To help you along, I recommend that you use the learning design spreadsheet (it's called Online ABCLD v3 Learning Designer template.xlsx when you save it) by Jessica Gramp also has a lot of good suggestions in tab labeled 0. Learning Type activities.

You're also welcome to check out this learning activity types spreadsheet to get ideas. Please do add more as you come up with them in order to help each other.

In either case, please do record what you are doing and share it to the forum when you're done.

As a suggestion, here are some steps on how to proceed:

  1. Think in general terms of the learning activity type that your course will include. So in Week 1, how often might they have acquisition-focused activities? How about discussion, practice or production activities?
  2. Sketch out the learning week-by-week on the storyboard. Keep track of the hours, where possible. The storyboard for you can be the aforementioned learning design spreadsheet or it could be a slide or any other medium that you are comfortable sharing with the group.  
  3. Then, think of the learning/teaching methods. So if in Week 1, they'll have acquisition activities, what precisely will this consist of? Will they be reading core texts? Attending demonstrations or lectures? If so, how much time will these activities take?
  4. Finally, highlight activities that will form your formative and summative assessments.
  5. Last - share what you come up with to the forum: https://discourse.dpl.online/t/activity-2-storyboarding-in-detail/210
Example step 3

Considerations for designing for learning

Creating the storyboard tends to work best if you design your course week-by-week by thinking through the learning types that you'd like students to engage with. You can design this in a top-down fashion where you choose the types of activities that you'd like students to complete. Alternatively, you could take a collaborative approach and reach out to students and ask them how and in what ways they might like to learn Subject X over a semester/term. If you have a good range of students who might be willing to help, you can reach out to them.

For the purposes of this workshop, given the limited time we have, I suggest coming up with what you believe students might engage with. Include somewhat new/risky approaches along with 'tried and tested' approaches. Mix it up!

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