The new normal...

Remote, online, distance learning is here to stay - however, what does this mean for those who now have no choice but to access their learning online? For many faculty, the questions over the last few months have been questions of form and function. How can I replicate (OK), Enhance (Better) or Improve (Best!) what I have done in the traditional classroom online? Over the last few months the following words have become everyday nomenclature...


Direct-To-Camera Recordings


Flipgrid and more...

While these conversations have been welcomed by Instructional Designers both new and seasoned, a critical element in this has been lost.


What about the student who doesn't have unlimited data to download and /or view your 2-gig studio-produced recording for your lecture? What about the student who only uses their phone for class? What about the student who lives across the world and cannot attend your 'mandatory' session, or at least are put at an unfair disadvantage to haev to do so at 3AM - their time?

I would content that COVID hasn't created these conditions - it has revealed them - it has shown us once again that education, at it's core, remains an elitist sport. The Western hegemony of access, resources and 'knowing' is growing. We have a responsibility and an opportunity to address this while our core is shaken by COVID. The re-set can happen if we want it to...

What do you think?


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