We, Kate and Clare, want to begin by introducing ourselves and welcoming you to this week-long workshop. We both live and work on the island of Ireland, Kate in the South and Clare in the North, and are both learning technologists with a passion for open education and ethical pedagogy. Kate has previously attended the Digital Pedagogy Lab, as a participant and a fellow. Clare is fitting in part time PhD study into her non-existent free time.

The idea and design of this workshop grew out of a struggle to reconcile a continuous need for resilience against a backdrop of systemic problems, with a seemingly endless series of institutional wellbeing initiatives. These tensions predated the current problems of 2020 and the need for a critical view of these narratives is ever more vital for not only our own mental health but that of our students. How do we under increasing pressure and danger maintain care of ourselves and care of those we teach?

The lab moving to the online space this year has afforded us several unique opportunities: we are here (we wouldn’t have been in the US even in the old normal world), a tightly packed, intense two hour workshop now can meander across the week with space between discussion and reflection and we have the luxury of spanning multiple time zones - for us we will be in the mid afternoon when we first get together. All these exciting new avenues will lead to rich and diverse directions of discussions. We have designed the workshop around key anchor points to help orientate us initially but with flexibility to explore different themes relevant to your own personal context.

Our plan for the workshop will take the form of the following synchronous and asynchronous modalities:

  • Background reading: Critiquing Discourses of Resilience in Education and Resilience, Grit, and Other Lies
  • Live meeting on Tuesday 28th July, 10.00am ET - welcome, introductions, activities and outline of artefact creation (Zoom)
  • Discussions around activities - Wednesday-Thursday (Discourse)
  • Individual reflections and design ideas for artefacts - Wednesday-Thursday (Ghost)
  • Live meeting to share artefacts and final reflections for personal practice - time to be confirmed (Zoom)

We are looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday but please do comment here in the blog or post a thread in the discussions to say hello and how you arrived at the lab this year.

Clare and Kate

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Tuesday 28th Live Session

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