It's very likely that today is the day you're starting to look at the rest of the week and asking, "Wait. How long does this thing go for?" It's true: DPL at midweek is, for some people, when exhaustion comes to sit on their shoulders, eyes glaze over, and their brains—overfull of information, new ideas, new questions—begin to look around for a La-Z-Boy or a chaise lounge for a short lie down.

Which is actually what I want to point out as we start into another day. It may be time to take a short break. For a lot of us, overstimulation can be a real obstacle to learning. Here, at this online Lab, Zoom and discussion forum fatigue can set in. It may seem like there's still so much to talk about, and none of us wants to miss out on what's coming up next, but therein lies the beauty of asynchronous learning: there is no FOMO. You're never missing out.

So, if you need to take a break, let your ideas settle and gel, feed your body, read a book, listen to some music, or take a nap, Wednesday can be a good day for that.

That said, I also need to tell you that there's a lot going on today!

Wednesday's Very Full Offering

  • First up, our final keynote of the week from Audrey Watters is posted in the Auditorium.
  • Audrey's Q&A session will be at 12:0opm EDT (UTC -4). If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. (You really don't want to miss this.)
  • There's a special mini-keynote by DPL attendee and scholar, Surita Jhangiani ready for you in the Auditorium as well.
  • Listen in on a Live Broadcast of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast featuring Jesse Stommel. Listen here at 1:30 EDT (UTC -4)
  • Jump into a casual conversation with the brilliant Audrey Watters at 7:00pm EDT (UTC -4). Register here!

Plus! Our workshops continue:

  • Big and Small Experiments across the Digital Divide
  • Culturally Intelligent Design (optional live chat at 11:00 EDT)
  • Blackademics: (Remixing) Scholarship & Digital World-Building (15:00 EDT)
  • Ethical EdTech (optional live chat at 16:00 EDT)
  • Intersections, Collaborations, and Commitments: Bringing DPL Home

So, yeah... What was that about taking a nap? Have a great Wednesday!

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