Hi, all! First off, Nick and I are just awed by the learning going on at DPL. It’s incredible to be able to share in the wealth of collective knowledge and diverse perspectives across so many contexts. When critically understood and wielded by conscientious educators, there is tremendous untapped humanity in virtual learning as it presents so many novel ways to resist dehumanizing narratives and trends and cultivate community around the world. It has been a privilege to learn and grow from the participants in our session, “Creating a Virtual, Liberatory Feedback-Driven Classroom”.

I wanted to bring attention to Human Restoration Project (HRP) and how we can continue the dialogue of systemic change in virtual and in-person contexts after our week together. HRP is a non-profit organization that provides free, Creative Commons-licensed works to educators surrounding progressive education. We produce high-quality resources, coursework, podcasts, PD, writings, and more. Check out our 26 page Primer, a guide to human-centric education, and our series of editable/printable PDF handbooks.

We also recently launched RestoreHumanity.school, our course platform, where you can find our initial offerings on Ungrading and A Path to Purpose, two systemic changes that can revolutionize classroom practice. As you engage in our coursework, we present readings, media, and prompts to build systemic change toward human-centered practice. With many of us preparing for a virtual return in the fall, feel free to direct pre-service teachers in your programs toward these courses or make any of the resources, research, and readings a centerpiece for thoughtful discussion and action.

Soon, we’ll be launching our microcredential centered on teacher action research - research conducted by educators to improve their own practice - and progressive pedagogy. And throughout the year we’ll be hosting synchronous and asynchronous PD, with an upcoming session (Aug 2-4th) on dismantling the hidden curriculum.

Again, all of these offerings and resources are free, so we’d love it if you checked them out and shared them. Let us know what you think and how you end up using them in your context. (Also, we’re actively seeking university partnerships for our microcredential...let us know if you’re interested! 🚀)

If you’d like to continue the conversation on Twitter where we are most active, you can follow us @HumResPro, and follow Nick @CovingtonAHS and Chris @McNuttGISA.

Let’s restore humanity together,

-Chris & Nick



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