Here we are. One day left after today.

Or, well, one day left-ish. Because of the asynchronous, far-reaching nature of Digital Pedagogy Lab this year, we extended the normally five-day event to seven days. So, while programming will largely end on Friday, we won't really say good-bye until Sunday.

Tomorrow, I'll be making an announcement about Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021, and our plans for next year; but today, I want to point to all those who have supported the Lab this year, and who have made continuing this work, and this gathering, possible.

I want to thank:

  • The School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at the University of Colorado Denver, without whose support and faith in Digital Pedagogy Lab there would not have been a 2020 event, online or not. I want especially to thank Rebecca Kantor, Dean of SEHD, whose belief in the Lab and in me is humbling.
  • All my colleagues in Denver, especially those in the Learning Design and Technology program, and the brilliant innovators at ThinqStudio.
  • The wonderful people at the Auraria Library and Metropolitan State University, two cornerstones of my own education, and sponsors for this year's Lab.
  • Bonni Stachowiak, the force behind the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast and a source of constant inspiration and comfort.
  • Kelly Baker, the indomitable editor of both the National Teaching and Learning Forum and Women in Higher Ed.
  • The Human Restoration Project, who have brought a new layer of value to the Lab this year, and who do the work of critical pedagogy with and for K12 educators and students. (Read more about them here.)
  • Every.single.person at Hybrid Pedagogy whose tireless commitment continues to spread the word about critical digital pedagogy.

And I want to thank you. For showing up this week and helping us learn what it means to teach and learn through the screen, across time and time zones, with curiosity and wonder. You took a risk on the Lab this year, and I am grateful for your support.

Thursday is our day of winding down and also holding on. We are not done, and there's much work to do, but we are also nearly at the weekend, nearly at the moment we say good-bye. Relish today in all the ways you can.

Workshops going on today:

  • ABC Learning Design (optional live chats at 5:00am and 12:00pm EDT)
  • Blackademics: (Remixing) Scholarship & Digital World-Building (15:00 EDT)
  • A Syllabus of Care (optional live chat at 16:00 EDT)
  • Becoming a Student-Ready Teacher (optional live chat at 18:00 EDT)

And don't forget...

In partnership with Teaching in Higher Ed, Digital Pedagogy Lab wants to hear your voice! Visit the podcast's Speakpipe site and record 1-3 short voice messages reflecting on the following questions:

  • “What’s making you hopeful in your teaching?”
  • “What’s a concern/challenge/fear you’re experiencing in your teaching?”
  • “What advice do you have for others desperately trying to navigate the impact of COVID in their teaching?”

After DPL 2020 closes, Bonni will work up a podcast featuring your reflections.

Have a wonderful day!

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