July 27

(If you haven't already, be sure to read our introduction!)

Welcome to Human Restoration Project’s workshop on creating a Virtual, Liberatory Feedback-Driven, or ungraded, Classroom! If you haven’t already, be sure to watch/read our introduction.

Today, we’re focused solely on introductions and background information. There are three ideas to explore:

  1. Introduce yourself over on our discussion board!
  2. See the below links to familiarize yourself with the practice of ungrading and liberatory pedagogy.
  3. Comment on the "what do you notice? what do you wonder?" forum post.

In the following days, we will utilize this information to collaboratively build a feedback-driven classroom in the Fall.

Don’t feel pressured to read all of these or complete every activity. In fact, we'd recommend checking out only one or two of the following! Our best learning happens when we're relaxed, taking things at our own pace, and ready to go. We’ve tried to narrow down these resources to something easy-to-digest. These are recommendations that inform our thought process.


Research Studies

Further Resources (assorted)

Tomorrow, we’ll begin collaborating on our own experiences with grades, our classroom, our students, and making a difference.

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Part 2 - Framing Assessment and Practices

Posted by Chris McNutt

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