Hello colleagues-in-care,

A few notes for today:

1) We'll have our (optional) synchronous session on Zoom at 4:00pm ET (UTC-4; see below for some time zone conversions). The clearest preference in the survey is . . . no preference! So we'll go ahead and do some work hacking the access statement in a shared Google doc. We'll also take some time to say hello and get to know each other--those moments of connection can be precious in these distanced times. Link to our Zoom call: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcocOihpjwuGdIZ-lZKcyolqAOUj6H0xIkp

2) Editing our manifesto! There are some ideas hatching and a great conversation going on in the comments in our shared Google Doc. Hop in and make some additions--I would love for this to be something we can share out to the larger DPL community.

3) Posts in our Discourse thread--we've got two smart and wonderful pieces, Kate Bowles' "On, on, on" and Tiana Clark's "This is What Black Burnout Looks Like" on deck. Kate's piece is one that is particularly near to my heart--one of the pieces she links to there pushed me to rethink my relationship to academic overwork.

I'll look forward to talking with y'all today, on Zoom and on Discourse. --t.

Time zone conversions for our Zoom meeting:

1600 ET (New York, Montreal)

1500 CT (Chicago)

1300 PT (Los Angeles, Canada Pacific)

6:00 (Friday morning) (Sydney)

2100 (London)

2300 (Cairo)

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Friday: endings and beginnings; manifesto/manifesting

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