Hello workshoppers! It continues to be a delight to read you in the forums on Discourse. A few notes for today:

Things that are officially "on" our schedule:

1) Continue posting in the Discourse threads (there's still conversation going on about Hedva + ableism, along with some great thoughts and questions in the Wednesday thread on Pulrang's piece about the boundaries of disability and #WhyDisabledPeopleDropOut);

2) Two more offerings for your reading: Kate Bowles' "On, On, On" about academic cultures of overwork and Tiana Clark's "This is What Black Burnout Feels Like". I'll open a thread on Discourse this afternoon for these, too.

3) Make additions to our Manifesto for a Syllabus of Care, linked here. (Here's an example in the "manifesto" genre that might be helpful, if you're not a regular manifesto-writer: Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh Manifesto for Teaching Online).

Things I hope you will put on our/your schedule as needed:

1) Rest;

2) Time away from the computer as needed;

3) Something that recharges you, as much as is possible within your current constraints.

And if that means you only get so far with our work today, that's great. Do what feels right for your body and mind.

A question: We have an optional synchronous session scheduled for tomorrow at 16:00 EDT (UTC -4). I'd originally planned this to be a hackathon in which we might do some collective work to rewrite an access statement--to make one that shows our commitments to care and that extends a deep welcome to all minds and bodies. But I wonder, given our collective sense of where we are right now, what y'all most need. Would you prefer to keep the session focused on rewriting the access statement? Or would you rather have an open hour to talk generally? Please register a preference below:

Preferences for our optional synchronous session
For the workshop “A Syllabus of Care”
Link to a Google Form where you can register your preferences

Take good care of yourselves--t.

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Thursday: (optional) Zoom meetup and edits to our manifesto

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