Chris and I will hosting voluntary, informal office hours on Friday (7/31) @ 10AM MDT (12PM EDT). Come join us if you have questions, wish to talk through any readings or ungrading contingencies you're thinking about heading into the fall.

Just follow this link to join:

(Jitsi is a secure, open-source video conferencing alternative to Zoom or Google Meet, if you're looking for an alternative!)

Quick Edit: If you can't make it or have questions after hours tomorrow, we are collecting questions on this Google Form. Chris & I will take the questions and answer them in a video will we then post later tomorrow or Saturday (depending on the numbers of questions!).


On a side note: hosting virtual office hours are a great way to blend synchronous and asynchronous learning environments if you'll be teaching remotely. For more structure, create an editable Google Doc with time slots that students can sign up for and type up their questions/issues in advance to help make more efficient use of your time together.

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Part 5 - My Learning Journey

Posted by Chris McNutt

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