July 31st

Hello, everyone! It's been so great to see all of you continually reflecting, sharing stories, and brainstorming on Discourse, Twitter, and with us directly. It's awesome to see so many educators coming together and learning from one another.

Our final activity is a self-reflection. It's so important that we revisit ideas we obtain from workshops, solidify them further, and figure out - well what was the point of all of that?

Here's a Google Document you can make a copy of that details a reflection prompt. Feel free to use this however you wish! (I know many are still catching up from the overwhelming amount of content at DPL!)

Further, feel free to stop by our office hours today at 10MDT/12EDT, or send us a question for our asynchronous Q&A. Appreciate you all!

We hope you enjoyed and valued this virtual workshop with us! This is our first asynchronous workshop, so we’d love to know if we’re on the right track. If you have a moment, please complete this short survey.

Further, if this workshop engaged you - and you love progressive education - we’d love to see you over at HumanRestorationProject.org. All of our materials are free and we don’t sell data. Everything is supported by our Patreon supporters. Check out our resources, podcasts, research, and writings!

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Send Off + Office Hours Recording

Posted by Chris McNutt

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