July 30th

Now we’ll begin actual systemic change. Using the information we’ve reflected on over the past few days, we’ll brainstorm a specific way that we can change our course toward liberatory, feedback-driven learning.

For example…

  • Could we move away from teacher-assigned grades to student-led assessment?
  • Is it possible to recalibrate a grade category or major assignment toward a student-led portfolio?
  • Could we repurpose a curriculum standard, topic, or unit toward a student-led endeavor?
  • Can we remove tests? Remove certain papers? How many assessments can we place in the hands or students and/or their peers?

Consider your course layout as we move into the Fall. Likely, you’ve already started to modify your thinking for hybrid or virtual courses. In our view, this is the best time to rethink assessment - as traditional assessment measures aren’t going to work anyways!

In the previous days, we’ve included specific resources that may help with this planning, as well as showcased the collective thoughts of our workshop.

Today's activity involves creating a "mind map" of one's prototyped classroom. It helps to visualize content in different ways, and seeing everything at a glance can assist us in building systems. This activity can be done with paper/pencil or via Maps of Mind.

Click here to access our mind map template.


1. If you're completing this assignment digitally, click the "fork" button at the top of your screen. If you're completing it physically, follow the steps in order from the initial, left-most purple box.

2. We've created a template to outline your classroom, which reads from left to right. You will start by outlining your current class, then be instructed to prototype changes.

3. Instructions for using the Maps of Mind website can be found in the upper left corner box.

4. As you follow our template, feel free to branch off and create your own designs. If our template doesn't make sense for your course, feel free to delete, add, and/or modify to your needs.

5. After completing your virtual or physical template, (if you're comfortable), share an image and/or link to it with us! We'd love to problem-solve, ask questions, and critique the model. A Discourse post is available to share.

Our final meeting tomorrow will be based entirely on Q&A, helping out, and collective troubleshooting.

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